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Why can I get more bookings?
Posted by Bill

Hey Manny congratulations on your Web Design Degree! Wow, I was very happy to hear about it. You know what musicians go through here in San Diego. As you know I want to get more traffic in my site but I can't seem to move one inch forward. I search the internet on Google and I come up but like in the 4th page! What's up! Can you check my page out. I would love to hire you to make my site better.

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How can we optimized our site to attract more customers?
Posted by Lynda

Hey Manny! Congratulations on your Web Design Degree. Vicky and I need your help. Yes, I know we don't have a music site but from what we can see you can help us a lot. We need to start from scratch and re-build our site. We are thinking about putting pictures of our associates and maybe creating some sort of a slide show. Help please!

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